About BE Resources

 Directors and Officers 


  Jon Pereira, CEO and Director  


Jon is an experienced manager and co-founder of Olympic Circuits, a company he helped succesfully build which was taken over by a larger public company in 2001. He is also currently a director of James Bay Resources. Jon brings to the Company expertise in operations management, business development and MA. Jon holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering.



  Carmelo Marrelli CA, Chief Financial Officer   


Carmelo is qualified as a Chartered Accountant and a Certified General Accountant in Canada and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.  Mr. Marrelli is also a director of TSX-V listed Odyssey Resources Limited.  


  Ed Godin, Chairman and Director


Ed is the founder of TSX-listed Continental Precious Minerals Inc., a mineral exploration company focused on uranium and other minerals, and has been a director and officer of Continental Precious Minerals Inc. since 1987.  For 15 years, he was also a member of the management committee of Air Canada Pilots Pension Equity Plan. Ed has been the Chairman of our board of directors since July 2, 2008.


  Mani Verma, Director  


Mani is one of the founders of Micon International Limited, mineral industry consultants. He brings to the board over 35 years experience as a mining engineer, working with both mining companies and major consulting firms. Mr. Verma is a Professional Engineer in Ontario, Canada



  Gary Sugar, Director


Gary is a licensed Securities lawyer and prinicple of GMS Law Professional Corporation Gary has extensive experience with securities transactions involving public companies.